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What is FFAST?

The project kicked off with an analysis of the pleasure boat market segment which is experiencing significant commercial growth both at home and abroad.

Although the market already has many boatyards well-known throughout the world, most of the work performed is artisanal in nature without providing a solid manufacturing base that could actually be called a boating industry.

We have set ourselves the goal of building a true boating industry based on cutting edge technology and taking advantage of the long experience acquired in this sector by the various partners to create boats that combine power, style and versatility, features that are completely in line with the “Made in Italy” philosophy.

The decision to locate the boatyard in Piedmont came from our desire to transform and redeploy the many production and technical resources that already exist in and around Turin and which have been connected to the automotive sector for over a century. Names such as FIAT, Bertone, Pininfarina, Italdesign, Abarth, Giannini are famous throughout the world for their design expertise and innovations.

Why choose a FFAST boat?

  • The aluminum alloy hull with its super-dynamic layout was designed by a specialist well-known for conceiving and creating high performance propulsion systems for a variety of applications such as work, recreation, the military and racing. His vast experience has led him to work on many of the most advanced projects in boatyards around the globe. Some of the classic pleasure boats in the world include the Americanino Jeans, Beby Cresci, Outsider Taxi, Achilli Motors, Kineo 33 Xenic.

  • The roof and interior were designed by the inimitable guru of design, Andrea Brunazzi, who successfully combined comfort and ergonomics with the sportiness of a fast, high-tech boat. The sleek lines satisfy the latest requirements of the market for versatility, with coupé-cabriolet models available that are gritty and sophisticated on the outside and spacious and comfortable on the inside.

  • Careful attention has been given to the habitability of the interior. The ample transparent deck provides natural light along the entire hull. Unique in the boating context, which has the effect of immediately immersing the occupants of the vehicle in their surroundings. The kitchen is equipped with conveniences to satisfy every whim of the owner and include a dishwasher, refrigerator, induction stove, multipurpose oven (microwave, traditional), etc.

  • The innovative propulsion systems include surface propellers, hydrojets, motor inverters, reducers and multipliers, transmissions, flaps, hydraulic pistons and systems.The surface propeller transmission not only greatly increases the speed performance of the boat, it also leads to a huge savings in fuel consumption, reduces total immersion of the boat when gliding by 70% and completely eliminates exhaust gas from the transom and the engine room. The secret lies in the angle of the propeller that keeps the propulsion as horizontal as possible with respect to the surface of the water.

  • The extremely high quality standards are ensured by the Officine Meccaniche Pejrani, which has more than 40 years of experience working with the top European names.


  • The inspiration behind the combined use of high-tech and natural materials was taken from the most advanced residential and interior designs. Trevira® CS fabric is most certainly the best option for meeting the performance requirements of the boating industry. This material has undergone fire-retardant testing throughout the world and is the main reason that it is so widely used for interior furnishings in public places. The fabric has a very dense, tight weave which makes it extremely durable and able to withstand high levels of stress.

  • Bamboo is a very interesting material for use as a covering due to its strength and durability, which make it more suitable for very wet and stressed areas such as boat decks than the more commonly used wood.

  • Carbon fiber was chosen for the cooking surfaces and bathroom fixtures because of its lightness and strength. It is becoming more popular in the boating industry for both the structural parts as well as the furnishings.

  • The Tecma® company offers a carbon toilet specifically created for high performance boats that weighs 17-18 kg less than ceramic versions. Carbon is incomparably light and strong.It should be noted, however, that carbon fibers cost on average $55/kg, 30 times more than fiberglass which costs $1.8-1.9/kg. Aramidic fibers cost approximately $30/kg, 16 times as much as fiberglass.

  • A Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting system has been installed to illuminate certain areas such as the steps. The main features of this system are that it is compact, uses very little power, and is quick-acting.

  • Advanced technology has also been used to dispose of the black and grey water by means of a new system called Super-Mini, which treats the waste chemically and physically inside a small container rather than an awkward, heavy tank.

FFAST Boats models

Alluminia 49 Veloce
Alluminia 50 Life & sport - under development -
Alluminia Devilfish 2 - under development -

The New Boats

The first Alluminio 38 has left factory for a long term test in june 2006.

Devilfish1 the performance cat has proven a formidable start point.

Devilfish2 will be launched as test boat for press and test drive in june 2014

Alluminia 50 Life & sport is currently under development. The release date will be announced in current 2014.

Technical data


Full aluminium construction
Surface Fly propellers
Electric king size roof
Racing interior


Lenght: 11560 mm
Overall Lenght: 12760 mm
Wide: 3600 mm
Weight: 6490 kg


Number of cylinders: 12Vee of 60°
Diplacement: 11974 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Compression ratio: 8,7:1
Max Horse Power: 850-1100 hp@4500rpm
Max Torque: 112 kgm
Dry weight: 550 kg


Ratio: 1:1,16
Max Torque: 170 kgm
Dry weight: 63 kg
Max Horse Power: 1200 hp


Top Speed: Over 90 mph
Cruise Speed: Over 64 mph


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